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    Chris Evans exclusive interview with Mark Ruffalo.  / x.
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    Mark Ruffalo at San Diego Comic Con

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    Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver playing ping pong (x)

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    yeah…I’m a classic rock fan…ever heard of the Beatles? doubt it…they’re prob too old for you….pop music sucks…who is Katy Kerry? idk…ok…I’m gonna listen to guns n roses greatest hits on my iPod….woaaaaah……..sweet child o mine….classic song….uve never heard it….

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    My personal definition of inspiration is finding something that gets you going and y’ know, really doing something good for yourself… There’s a certain point in the show where you’ll get just really sweaty and your brain starts kind of going and you start doing things that you weren’t expecting you would do. You just kind of loose yourself in the music. That’s what you aim for at every show.

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    Cuteness Overload - Riker Lynch

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    "Riker, you’re my best friend." "No I’m not, I’m Rydel’s best friend." x

  12. imagineyouricon:

    imagine your icon trying to be your parent for a week

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    tall ppl are hotter bc they r closer to the sun… exposed